18 Hole Cart Rate - 1 Player

18 Hole Cart Rate - 1 Player

  • $15.00

1. Call the clubhouse and make a tee time. Tee times can be made up to two weeks in advance. 207-827-4779.

2. Once you have made your tee time, go to our on-line store and pay for your golf. If you need a power cart or pull/push cart, you can purchase those on-line as well. 

3. There will be a starter managing the 1st/10th tees. Make sure you check in at the pro shop at least 10 minutes before your round. The starter will give you the okay to start/continue your round.

4. Beverages brought onsite must be nonalcoholic. Alcohol is available onsite and on the course but must be purchased from Hidden Meadows. Alcoholic drinks from off site are subject to confiscation. 

5. Be respectful of the players in your group, and of the other players on the golf course. Always maintain standard play distancing.

6. Call "FORE!" on errant shots, readily. A wide miss called is better than a near miss not. 

7. There are garbage cans on the course, please use them. Please remember the golf cart is not a garbage can.

8. Please pick up your tees, replace your divots, and fix your ball marks on greens. 

9. Please return your cart to the designated area when you are done with your round.